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TIP OF THE DAY: Cake & Cupcake Frosting Idea

You’re making cake or cupcakes. You need to decide on the frosting.

Should it be chocolate, vanilla, mocha or another flavor?

Should it be cream-cheese based or buttercream?

Should it be penuche frosting, made with brown sugar?

Why decide on one, when you can have two?

Thanks to Yummy Cupcakes in Los Angeles—one of our favorite cupcake bakeries anywhere—for the suggestion that you can use two types of frosting on one cake or cupcake.

The red velvet cupcake in the photo is crowned with both cocoa and vanilla cream cheese frostings. The duo adds even more excitement to an already exciting treat.

So don’t be single-minded: Enjoy two frostings.

Another benefit of two frostings: You get to lick two bowls!

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A red velvet cupcake frosted with half cocoa cream cheese frosting and half vanilla cream cheese frosting. Photo courtesy Yummy Cupcakes.



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