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TIP OF THE DAY: Turn Use Single-Purpose Appliances Into Multi-Purpose Appliances

One of our friends won’t buy any appliance or gadget that has a single use. As a result, she has no bread maker, no fondue pot, no waffle iron.

We emailed her this article from Caifornia-based writer Katie Waldek. She has figured out how to make those single-purpose appliance into multi-purpose ones:

Bread Maker. Think outside the loaf to other dough-based foods: bagels, pasta dough, pizza dough, pretzels and tortillas. You can also use your bread maker to make jams and chutneys: Many models even have that setting built in, says Waldek.

Electric Fondue Pot. An electric fondue pots can easily double as a deep fryer, says Waldek. You can control the temperature without needing a thermometer. If you’re making a big dinner and run out of burner space on the stovetop, you can use it to heat soup, boil water, etc.


This Aroma rice cooker also functions as a slow cooker. Photo courtesy Aromma.


Pasta Maker. Use it to roll out fondant, phyllo dough, pie crusts and wonton wrappers.

Rice Maker. Use it to make other grains and pulses, from amaranth, beans and lentils to quinoa. Cook oatmeal and other hot cereals, polenta and soups. Your rice maker also works as a steamer for dumplings, fish and seafood, meats, potstickers, tamales and vegetables. The Aroma ARC-1000 Professional Series 20-Cup Sensor Logic Rice Cooker is also designed to double as a slow cooker (great idea!).

Waffle Iron.W Use it to make French toast, hash browns, latkes, falafel, panini and quesadillas. On the highest setting, it can make a pizza.
If you have additional ideas, let us know!


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