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PRODUCT: Multitasking Stuffed Burger Press

Cut a well with the smaller ring and add your
favorite stuffing(s). Photo courtesy


We’ve seen a number of pieces from Cat Cora for Starfrit, a cookware line endorsed by the celebrity chef.

But the newest, the Cat Cora by Starfrit 2-in-1 Burger Press is the one we’ll definitely use, over and over again.

A burger press creates consistent, perfectly formed and sized burger patties.

But this burger press has something extra: a smaller ring that can be used to form sliders and stackers, as well as to cut a well in a larger burger, to fill with your favorite complementary ingredients.

Stuffed burgers are so much fun that we wonder how, in a country where burgers are the favorite food, they haven’t become the rage. We hope that the Cat Cora/Starfrit mold will be the beginning of a trend.


Whatever your burger preference—beef, bison, chicken, lamb, pork, salmon, turkey (we haven’t tried it with a veggie burger)—you can make an already-delightful burger much more so.


What should you use to stuff your burger? Whatever you like: That’s the fun of this gadget. You can look in the fridge and the pantry and find dozens of choices.

We simply scanned our shelves. Then:

  • Beef. We stuffed different beef burgers with leftover arugula pesto, mashed potatoes, sautéed mushrooms, sautéed onions and sundried tomato concasse.
  • Lamb. We stuffed different lamb burgers with chutney, goat cheese and mint jelly.
  • Salmon. We stuffed different salmon burgers with chopped cucumber salad, mango salsa and tzatziki (yogurt sauce with garlic and mint).

    The Cat Cora For Starfrit 2-In-1 Burger Press. Photo courtesy


  • Bison. Tonight, we’re stuffing bison burgers with a mix of sliced cornichons and olives, and with bacon and truffle cheese (a reverse cheeeburger).
  • Surf & Turf. The next time we have some extra oysters for stuffing, we’re going to try a surf-and-turf burger.
    Intensify the flavor by adding fresh herbs—basil, chives, dill, garlic, parsley, rosemary, sage, thyme—or dried oregano and spices, to the filling.

    Imagine a pizza burger: tomato sauce and cheese stuffed into your favorite burger. How about a turkey burger filled with cranberry sauce and stuffing?

    Let us know what you’d use to stuff your favorite burger(s).
    The 2-in-1* burger press set includes:

  • 4.5-inch ring
  • 2.75-inch ring
  • 2 in 1 press
  • 2 lids for easy storage
    You can buy the burger press at At $24.95, it isn’t an inexpensive kitchen gadget. But it’s sturdy and will afford many years of bodacious burgers.


  • Pack ground meat into the larger ring.
  • Cut a center well with the smaller ring.
  • Fill well 3/4 with the stuffing and cap the well with some of the meat you’ve removed.
  • Cook to desired doneness and serve.
  • Be prepared for squeals of delight from happy diners.
    *It’s actually more than 2 in 1. We count burgers, sliders, stuffed burgers and anything you need a round cutter for: biscuits, cookies, melon, and anything that begs to be molded (rice, veggies, etc.).


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