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PRODUCT: Q Kola For Cocktail Connoisseurs

Q Kola, an elegant mixer. Photo courtesy Q


A few years ago, a young Brooklynite enjoying a vodka and tonic happened to notice the calories on the tonic water bottle, along with other ingredients not up to par with his top shelf vodka. He became a man with a mission: to make an artisan tonic water from the best ingredients he could find.

The mission resulted in Q Water (Q for quinine). The company, Q Drinks, also produced a Q Ginger and a Q Club Soda.

And now, there’s Q Kola.

Like Q Tonic Water and Q Ginger Ale, Q Kola is clean, crisp, not too sweet and made in small batches with with all-natural ingredients. The whole line is more light in body than big-brand mixers. One reason is the house style, the other reason is that high fructose corn syrup, the main sweetener of big-brand mixers, adds body and mouthfeel.


If you’d like more elegance in your Rum and Coke, Long Island Iced Tea, Mad Bomber or other drinks among the more than 163 drinks made with cola, try Q Kola.

Packaged in a beautiful glass bottle, Q Kola is made with organic ingredients, including kola nuts, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, lemon, lime, orange and nutmeg (the flavorings found in cola). It’s lightly sweetened with organic agave nectar.

There’s a store locator on the company website. You can purchase Q Kola online at

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