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TIP OF THE DAY: Be More Devilish With Deviled Eggs

America loves deviled eggs, although we can’t agree on the best recipe.

So serve them as a first course in a trio of three different recipes. Here’s a gourmet deviled eggs concept from Root, a farm-to-table restaurant in Bethlehem, New Hampshire. Chef Richard Larcom prepared a delicious appetizer of deviled eggs served three ways, using Pete & Gerry’s Heirloom Eggs.

Chef Larcom’s deviled egg selection includes a his signature deviled egg, a bacon fat and Cheddar deviled egg and the Dare-Deviled Egg, which includes Maine sea urchin, wasabi and a garnish of toasted nori.


Here’s your opportunity for creative expression—to create your personal trio of gourmet deviled eggs. Some ideas to start you off:


Serve deviled eggs three ways as a first course. Photo courtesy Root restaurant and Pete & Gerry’s.

  • Caviar: mix in tobiko for crunch, or top with salmon caviar
  • Fruit: dried blueberries, finely-diced mango or pineapple
  • Seafood: crab, lobster, shrimp, smoked salmon, sturgeon
  • Vegetables: capers, chopped olives, fresh dill or other herb (chive, cilantro, parsley), finely-diced fennel, finely-diced tricolor bell peppers or pickled vegetables
  • Wild Card: bacon, BLT (crumbled bacon, shredded arugula leaves and diced, seeded tomatoes), cheese (goat, Cheddar, Parmesan), nuts (chopped pecan or pistachios) or the “hot group”: the basic recipe mixed alternatively with horseradish, hot sauce and wasabi

  • More deviled egg tips and recipes.
  • Caviar deviled eggs recipe.
  • How to make perfect hard-cooked eggs.

    Stuffed eggs were a popular dish as far back as the Roman Empire. There are many different recipes for stuffed eggs, but the term “deviled eggs” originated in 18th-century England.

    “Deviled” refers to the use of hot spices or condiments in a recipe—paprika, mustard, hot sauce, horseradish, chiles, wasabi, etc.


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