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TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: Certified Angus Beef

What Dad really wants for Father’s Day.
Photo by Margo Ouillat Photography | IST.


Every year we try to find something special for the connoisseurs on our Father’s Day gift list. In recent years we’ve sent truffled cashews, great chocolates and rare cheeses. But this year we’re going back to basics:

For the slam dunk, we’re sending Certified Angus Beef.

Not all Angus is certified by the Certified Angus Beef Program, which requires 100% Angus bloodlines. Other beef called Angus need be only 51% Angus—which of course affects the quality.

Certified Steak and Seafood sells Angus beef that is triple-certified:

  • First, by the Certified Angus Beef Program.
  • Second, by on-premises USDA beef inspectors.
  • Third, by an outside lab that ensures safety and quality.
  • With a final thumbs-up by the company’s own test kitchen.

    Check out the full review and send Dad a Father’s Day gift that’s sure to please.


    It can be confusing, especially when boneless club steak, boneless loin, boneless strip steak, Delmonico steak, Kansas City strip steak, New York steak, New York strip steak, strip loin, strip steak, shell steak, sirloin strip and top loin are all the same cut!

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