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TIP OF THE DAY: Use Chocolate Truffles As A Cake Decoration

We were checking out the Caramel Swirls website when this cake caught our eye.

You don’t have to have great cake decorating skills to make an impressive cake at home. Just acquire an impressive cake topper.

In this case, chocolate truffles were used to decorate the cake. If you have a box of chocolates, you can use them to equally good effect. Instead of piling them in the center, space them out around the rim of the cake.

To take it one step further, use a spatula to apply chopped pistachios or other favorite nut to the sides of the cake.

You can purchase chocolate truffles, or use this recipe to make them.

If you want to send the cake to Mom for Mother’s Day, head to CaramelSwirls.com. We haven’t tasted it, but it’s made with fine ingredients: bittersweet chocolate, evaporated cane juice, butter, cage free eggs, cocoa powder, pistachios, chai tea, Earl Grey tea, Grand Marnier and vanilla extract.
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Have a box of chocolates? Make an impressive cake. Photo courtesy Caramel Swirl.



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