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Archive for April 1, 2012

TIP OF THE DAY: Don’t Like Brussels Sprouts? Try This Recipe!


So many people seem to avoid Brussels sprouts. We love them and enjoy them year-round, simply steamed and slightly crunchy.

We halve them and steam them lightly in the microwave and enjoy them plain, with a squeeze of lemon or lime, or with a splash of balsamic vinegar. You can toss them in butter or olive oil, salt and pepper; but properly-cooked fresh Brussels sprouts—like all fresh veggies—are delicious in and of themselves.

While many people think they don’t like Brussels sprouts, it may be the preparation rather than the vegetable itself. Overcooked Brussels sprouts are like overcooked fish: unappealing.

The same goes for Brussels sprouts’ cousins in the Cruciferous vegetables group, including broccoli. Chemical components released by overcooking make for an unattractive aroma and flavor.

Try a light touch and let us know how you enjoy them.



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