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Archive for March 11, 2012

ST. PATRICK’S DAY: White Irishman, A White Russian Variation

The Irish version of a White Russian. Photo
courtesy Renaissance Hotel Times Square.


From the R Lounge at the Renaissance Times Square hotel, this cocktail recipe is an adaptation of the White Russian. Call it a White Irishman, if you prefer.

A White Russian combines 2 parts vodka with 1 part coffee liqueur and light cream (a Black Russian omits the cream).

Here, Irish whiskey takes the place of the vodka, and chocolate shavings turn the cocktail into an after-dinner drink/liquid dessert.



  • 1-1/2 oz / 45 ml Jameson Irish Whiskey
  • 1-1/2 oz / 45 ml Kahlua
  • 2 oz / 60 ml half & half or light cream
  • Dark chocolate shavings
  • Ice

    1. Combine first three ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Shake and pour over ice.

    2. Garnish with dark chocolate shavings and serve.


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    TIP OF THE DAY: Slimmed-Down Sour Cream Alternative

    Love sour cream but not the cholesterol and calories?

    Slim it down with some nonfat Greek yogurt.

  • Make a blended, lower-fat, lower-calorie sour cream substitute by adding 2 parts nonfat Greek yogurt to 1 part dairy sour cream.
  • We don’t care for the fat-free sour creams on the market, but we do like this! (Truth to tell, we often use 100% nonfat Greek yogurt as a sour cream alternative.)
    Here’s another lowfat dairy topping recipe, combining lowfat cottage cheese with nonfat yogurt. Add the seasonings and you’ve got a dip:


    Slim down sour cream with nonfat Greek yogurt, into a delicious blend. Photo courtesy Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.


  • Combine 3 parts lowfat cottage cheese and 1 part nonfat Greek yogurt in a small food processor or blender.
  • Blend until smooth. Season to taste with lemon juice.
  • Salt and pepper to taste.
    Punch it up by blending in these optional low-calorie seasonings:

  • Red pepper concasse: finely chopped roasted red peppers blended with 1 teaspoon chopped garlic and 1 teaspoon olive oil
  • Salsa
    For a few more calories and some heart-healthy fats, add:

  • Olive tapenade
  • Pesto

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