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TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: Antidote Chocolate Bars

Banana, chile and 77% cacao bar. Photo
courtesy Antidote Chocolate.


People who like very dark chocolate and cacao nibs may find a surprising delight in Antidote Chocolate Bars.

These innovative bars, made in Ecuador with Arriba Nacional cacao beans, are 50% conventionally roasted chocolate and 50% raw cacao nibs.

The result is profound, earthy and higher in antioxidants than just about any other bar.

In addition to basic bars, there are innovative flavor combinations, too:

  • 77% cacao bars in Almond + Fennel, Banana + Cayenne, Red Flower + Berry, Rose Salt + Lemon
  • 84% cacao bars in Essential (plain), Ginger + Gooseberry, Lavender + Red Salt, Mango + Juniper
  • 100% cacao bars in Raw Cacao + Nibs (plain), Raw Cacao + Dates
    The higher the percentage of cacao, the lower the amount of sugar. The 100% cacao bars have no added sugar (although the dates supply natural sugar).


    If your Valentine wants an intense chocolate experience, pick up a few bars or a gift set at

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