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COOKING VIDEO: It’s Easy To Make This Homemade Granola Recipe


Our next Top Pick Of The Week will review 140 different granolas and mueslis. But you can make your own perfect mix of oats, nuts, seeds and dried fruits right now.

If you eat lots of granola, you can save a goodly amount of cash by buying rolled oats, nuts, seeds and dried fruits in bulk and making your own.

You can also tailor your recipe to a specific calorie count and/or sugar grams, and use lower-glycemic alternatives to honey and maple syrup, such as agave nectar and brown rice syrup.

Homemade granola can even become your signature special gift (it’s healthier than brownies). Whether in a clear plastic treat bag tied with a ribbon, or in a reusable gift tin or canister, any cereal eater/snacker will welcome it.

You can also buy gluten-free oats to make gluten-free granola—a wonderful gift for friends limiting their gluten intake.

Check out the video below to see how easy it is to make your own granola.

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