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WHAT WE WANT FOR CHRISTMAS: Thermador Pro Harmony Oven

The oven of our dreams. Photo courtesy


Santa, baby, put this oven under the tree—for me!

On second thought, leave it in the kitchen and have the reindeer pull the old range/oven away to appliance heaven.

Thermador’s new 48-inch Pro Harmony® Range is everything an enthusiastic cook could dream of: six beautiful pedestal Star® Burners, an electric griddle and gas rangetop and two ovens. Two of the burners can maintain temperatures as low as 100°F—perfect for simmering delicate sauces.

Perhaps the best-looking burners in the world, Thermador’s patented Star Burners deliver superior power and heat distribution while the exclusive burner pedestal allows effortless cleaning. We need it: We’re not the neatest cook.


It’s so gorgeous, we’ve been going to the local showroom just to admire it—and Thermador’s other state-of-the-art appliances.

See it up close and salivate over every gorgeous feature.


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