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GIFT OF THE DAY: A Luscious Butter Shortbread Gift

Who doesn’t like rich butter shortbread?
Photo courtesy Biscottea.


Enjoy your tea, coffee, cappuccino or espresso with the perfect shortbread cookie. With free shipping included!

The makers of Biscottea and Biscoffee have enhanced a classic Scottish shortbread recipe by adding organic tea or coffee to the fragrant butter cookies. (The coffee beans are also Fair Trade certified.)

The result is pure deliciousness.

Each lovely gift box contains 24 individually wrapped squares of shortbread, for $29.99 (and free shipping).

We love the “portion control” aspect. Because otherwise, these cookies are irresistible!


  • The Biscottea box contains four each of six flavors: Earl Grey, Chai, Blueberry (white tea), Mint, Rooibos and Traditional Tea Time (no tea).
  • The Biscoffee box includes eight cookies each in Espresso, Cappuccino and Mocha.
    As the company says, this is “real shortbread created with real tea and coffee for real tea and coffee lovers.” We say: Why can’t we buy Biscottea and Biscoffee shortbread everyplace we stop for a cup of coffee or tea?

    The cookies are certified kosher by OU.

    For more information and to purchase, head here.


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