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TIP OF THE DAY: Get Your Liquor Gifts For The Next 10 Months

During the holiday season, some makers of spirits, wine and Champagne, among others, package their bottles with additional gifts such as glasses, cocktail shakers and related accouterments.

Often, the price for gift box packaging and the extra item is nothing beyond the cost of the regular bottle—or only a small additional amount.

Either way, the box and its contents appear to be worth twice the bottle alone.

We added the red ornaments to this photo, but the “added value” holiday gifts are typically in packaging that works year-round.

Think of the anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions you anticipate in 2012.

Then, when you’re out holiday shopping, stop at the wine and spirits store and check out the “gift bargains” to be had.

Even if you don’t anticipate gifts, stock up for your own needs. It can be a bargain: the holiday Grey Goose package shown is $29.99, whereas the MSRP for the 750ml bottle only is $34.99!


Buy a bottle in gift packaging with an extra gift thrown in—for less than the cost of a regular bottle! Photo courtesy Grey Goose.


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