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RECIPE: An Easy Turkey Pot Pie

Still have leftover turkey? Tired of turkey sandwiches? Want a way to restore that white meat to moistness?

Make a turkey pot pie. We usually do from-scratch cooking. But a turkey pie made with some prepared ingredients (cream of chicken soup and crust, for example) is easy and fun. You don’t have to spend time making a roux for the filling and reducing chicken stock.

Our recipe doesn’t use a bottom crust, which gets soggy under the large amount of creamy filling. Instead, you get the equivalent of a deep dish pie with a crisp top crust.

You can use the same recipe for chicken pot pie.

Head to the turkey pot pie recipe.

Do you know your turkey and chicken parts? See the diagram on the bottom of this page, along with a glossary explaining the different parts of the chicken/turkey and how to use them.

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Mmm, turkey pot pie. Photo by M. Sheldrake | IST.


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