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TIP OF THE DAY: Make An Easy Taco Recipe With Leftovers

If you only eat tacos at restaurants, you’re missing out on an easy-to-make lunch or dinner item that can expand far past its Mexican roots. Today, anything rolled in a tortilla becomes a taco—from octopus to leftovers of almost any type.

Dating back thousands of years, corn tortillas were the bread of Mesoamericans. In addition to providing sustenance, tortillas were also torn into pieces and used in the absence of utensils to scoop up other foods. The word “taco” derives from a Spanish word meaning “light snack.”

Each region in Mexico has its own cuisine, which extends to taco fillings. Mexican fillings vary widely from the typical selection at an American Tex-Mex restaurant.

One of the lesser-known joys of tacos is how they turn everyday leftovers into a special meal.

Take a look at our “taco template” and start using your leftovers to create delicious tacos.

Also check out the history of tacos.


A shrimp taco. Photo courtesy


Here’s a universal recipe for tacos: fish, chicken, beef, whatever.


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