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TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: Vietnamese Pho Soup From Pacific Organic

Instead of hours of cooking, enjoy a bowl
of steaming Vietnamese phö soup in
minutes. Photo by Simon Gurney |


Last week we presented a video on how to prepare Vietnamese phö, one of the world’s greatest foods.

Instead of making stock for hours, though, you can enjoy the 10-minute version with Pacific Organic Soup Starters. Not bad, given that a bowl of phö can have up to 30 ingredients (including all the seasonings in the broth).

It’s the best commercial phö we’ve had, and an easy way for you to treat yourself (and your family) to something special.

Phö, pronounced fuh, is also high in protein and low in calories when you enjoy the delicious broth without the traditional rice noodles.

While Vietnamese pho is a beef-based stock, Pacific Organic makes chicken and vegetarian soup bases as well as beef.
You can find them at natural food stores nationwide and online.

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