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TIP OF THE DAY: Garnish With Decorative Gourds

Use a decorative gourd as a food garnish.
Photo by FunWithFood | IST.


We enjoy decorating with gourds in the fall-to-winter months.

From still lifes on tables to place settings for dinner, these colorful ornamental varieties of squash and pumpkins perk up their surroundings.

Take them one step further: Use them to decorate your snacks and serving dishes, too.

On the rims of platters or in the center of dishes, they’ll turn any food into fun food.

Hardshell gourds have been used since the dawn of man as containers, cooking and eating vessels, plus numerous nonfood purposes.

Softshell gourds are the thinner-skinned, ornamental gourds grown for their bright colors.


Here’s a fun fact: The loofa or luffa is actually a third category of gourd. Also called a vegetable sponge, the exterior is cucumber-shaped. The dried, fibrous interior is used as a sponge.

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