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HALLOWEEN: Cocktail Drinks For A Spooktacular Party

You don’t have to throw a monster mash for Halloween. Inviting friends for Halloween-themed cocktails—costumes optional—will do just fine.

Here are our choices for a creaky cocktail party menu:

Bloody Cocktails

  • Blood Orange Cocktails
  • Bloody Vampire Cocktail
  • Bloody Eyeball Martini & Bleeding Brain Martini
    Pick Your Favorite “Spirit” Cocktails

  • Halloween Brandy Cocktails
  • Halloween Gin Cocktails
  • Halloween Kahlúa Cocktails
  • Halloween Vodka Cocktails
    What To Serve With The Cocktails

  • Spooky Halloween Cheeses
  • Spookadillas (Halloween quesadillas)
    More Halloween recipes will be arriving later this week.


    This Bloody Vampire Martini is a citrus Martini
    with blush of “blood” and an impaled cherry.
    Photo courtesy Betty Crocker | General Mills.


    For Ambiance: Halloween CDs

  • The classics: Monster Mash, Ghostbusters, The Addams Family theme, Martian Hop and more; or this CD which includes The Reaper, Time Warp, Monster Mash, Ghostbusters and Witch Doctor
  • Halloween Music Collection by Midnight Syndicate
  • How can you pass up 100 Halloween Hits?

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