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TIP OF THE DAY: Get Ready For Halloween (Jello Eyeballs, Perhaps?)

Here’s looking at you: creepy eyeball snacks
or garnishes for Halloween. Photo courtesy
Shop Anatomical.


Attention guys and ghouls: It’s time to start planning for Halloween.

Who doesn’t love eyeball food? We’ve just ordered this eyeball mold, which uses a base of JELL-O or custom-flavored gelatin, should you want a savory flavor.

The irises and pupils are made with colored plain gelatin. The veins are dabbed on with food coloring. Here’s a recipe.

Instead of sweet eyeballs, you can make savory ones (to garnish a Bloody Mary, for example). Substitute the sugar and lemon extract in the recipe with garlic salt and a dash of hot sauce. (We haven’t made them this way before, so you should try a test batch to finalize the proportions.)


Ways To Serve Eyeball Food

Serve your eyeball food on a platter or atop lollipop sticks, which can also be inserted into cocktails. sells cake pop stands to hold the eyeball pops upright. You can create a tiered eyeball pop tower or buy a single tier to pass around as a tray.

Ice Cream Eyeball Food

You can make ice cream eyeballs by scooping vanilla ice cream with a cookie dough scoop.

1. Wear plastic gloves to better shape the ice cream balls. Use a spatula to smooth out a flat bottom so the eyeballs will stand without rolling around.
2. Create a crater for the iris with a chopstick, espresso spoon or other utensil.
3. Place the balls on a tray, cover with plastic wrap and put into the freezer to harden.
4. Remove them one at a time to decorate. Head to this recipe for instructions on how to create the iris, pupil and bloodshot effect.

Call it “eyes cream.”

Dig Into Some Brains
If eyeball food takes more effort than you want to expend, go for a nice, juicy brain.

Get a brain mold and use it to mold JELL-O, or pack it with vanilla ice cream.

Return the ice cream brain to the freezer for an hour or two. Unmold and create red “blood” streaks with a Q-tip and food color. Return to freezer until ready to serve.

Brains and eyeballs: great Halloween fare!


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