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TIP OF THE DAY: Know Your Chicken Parts & Make A New Recipe For National Chicken Month

You can buy cubed chicken for kebabs and
stir-frys, or you can cut them yourself from boneless breasts. Photo by G. Vision | SXC.


Do you know the difference between a boneless chicken breast and a cutlet? A broiler and a roaster? Chicken nuggets versus chicken popcorn?

A reader recently asked us to create a glossary of chicken parts. We were happy to oblige and have just launched it to celebrate National Chicken Month (September).

Wild chickens were domesticated in Asia, possibly as far back as 7000 B.C.E. Easy to transport and care for, the tasty birds were next transported to Africa, and from there to Europe.

Celebrate National Chicken Month by trying a new chicken recipe. You can find one from just about every cuisine in the world.

Email friends for their favorite chicken recipes, cut and paste them together in a Word document and send the compiled recipes back to everyone who contributed.


Find our favorite chicken recipes and product reviews.

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