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TIP OF THE DAY: Crunchy & Sophisticated, Japanese Rice Crackers As Cocktail Snacks

People are coming over for drinks—just drinks. What should you serve as a nibble?

Our favorite from-the-bag cocktail snack has got to be Japanese rice crackers, specifically the chic little rolls wrapped in seaweed. They’re called nori maki arare in Japanese: seaweed roll cracker.

While we’ve never met a rice cracker we didn’t like—they are a delightful change of pace from bowls of nuts, pretzels and chips—these look and taste different.

The super crunchy crackers are high on texture and nuances of flavor. In addition to the ocean-brininess of the seaweed, the soy sauce, used instead of salt, adds sophisticated flavor. There is a tiny hint of heat and the faintest taste of sweetness.

Consider these Japanese rice crackers a gourmet crunchy snack.

And they’re not just for cocktails. A few crackers make a tasty snack with beer, green tea or straight black tea. (We drink our tea Asian-style, without milk or sugar. For sugared tea, a cookie is a better companion).


These sophisticated rice crackers are our
favorite crunchy cocktail snack. Photo by
Jaclyn Nussbaum | THE NIBBLE.


As with any seductive salty snack, it’s easy to polish off an entire bag while enjoying one’s wine or beer.

You can also find fancy rice crackers (as opposed to the round, flat crackers) flavored with wasabi or shrimp, among other varieties. If you love this type of rice snack nugget, keep trying different types in order to discover your favorites.

If your supermarket has a Japanese products section, look for them there; you can also find them at Asian products specialty markets or online.

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