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TIP OF THE DAY: Make Fried Pickle Chips

Serve fried pickles with a beer or
a Martini. Photo courtesy ILovePickles.org.


This tip was inspired by the arrival of a gift of Vlasic Farmer’s Garden Pickles.

With little room in the fridge for a large bottle of pickles, we needed to use them up right away. The solution: an end-of-the-day celebration of fried pickles, martinis and beer.

Fried pickles—called frickles by some—are an easy and fun snack. Just batter pickle slices, fry and serve.

We headed to ILovePickles.org, the consumer website of Pickle Packers International (is Peter Piper is an honorary member?), for the recipe.

Dill pickle chips are most often used for frying, but you can also fry spears and whole pickles.

Get the recipe.

How many types of pickles can you name?
Check ‘em out in our Pickle Glossary.



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