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PRODUCT: Kashi Cinnamon Harvest Cereal, A Whole Grain Powerhouse

Crunchy nuggets with a cinnamon blush.
Photo courtesy Kashi Company.


Our grandfather loved Post Shredded Wheat, and we came to love it too—despite the fact that his daughter (Mom) didn’t like it and wouldn’t keep it in the house. So when we went to Grandpa’s, our treat was getting to eat as many bowls of it as we could.

When we left for college, Shredded Wheat became a go-to comfort food, standing in for many a dinner as well as breakfast.

Today we know that Shredded Wheat and similar boxed cereals are whole grain powerhouses. When we saw that Kashi Company’s Autumn Wheat contained 50g of whole grains—even more than the recommended daily value—we switched brands and started each day with a bowl of Kashi. (The flavor is better, too.)

Now the Kashi Company, known for its tasty organic cereals, has launched Cinnamon Harvest: crunchy, bite-size whole wheat biscuits splashed with ground cinnamon and organic evaporated cane juice crystals.


Just one serving contains 47g of the 48g recommended daily value (DV) of whole grains, and 20% of one’s daily fiber.

It’s a great snacking cereal, too, and is also available in Island Vanilla, made with finely-ground vanilla beans.

Why Is Whole Grain So Important?

Our article on whole grain cereals explains all.


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