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TIP OF THE DAY: What To Do With An Unusual Liquor Gift

You may receive a bottle of unusual spirits or liqueur* that you don’t know what to do with. Think smoked salmon-flavored vodka or chartreuse liqueur.

Don’t stick it in a closet and forget about it. Our parents’ liquor closet grew and grew for 30 years, until the house was sold and a bar’s worth of over-the-hill drink had to be drained and recycled.

Here’s a better approach:

  • Recipes. Head to the brand’s website and check out the cocktail recipes. There may be food recipes as well.
  • Invite Friends. Use the bottle as an occasion to have a small get-together—just to taste the product and chat, or in tandem with a televised game or a DVD. If friends ask what they can bring, tell them: Anything that you think goes with smoked salmon vodka.

    What to drink with bagels and lox? A smoked
    salmon vodka Bloody Mary. Photo courtesy Alaska Distillery.


  • Private Tasting. Not up for a party? Just crack the seal and taste your gift. If it’s not something you’ll use up in the foreseeable future, figure out who might like it and immediately regift it.
    As with any product, don’t let it take up space if you wouldn’t buy it for yourself.

    Instead, make someone else happy.

    *What’s the difference? Spirits are hard liquor. Liqueurs, also called cordials, are a flavored, sweet spirit.


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