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PRODUCT: Happy Goat Caramel Sauce

We liked Happy Goat caramels—made from goat’s milk—so much that we made them a Top Pick of The Week.

In our review, we suggested making caramel sauce by melting the caramels.

Now, Happy Goat has launched its own goat caramel sauce in two flavors:

  • Goat Milk & Vanilla Bean Caramel Sauce. Made with a base of evaporated goat’s milk, it’s very buttery with good vanilla bean flavor and a touch of sea salt (9-ounce jar, $13.99).
  • Scotch Caramel Sauce. This inspired flavor adds 12-year single malt scotch whiskey to the Vanilla Bean Caramel Sauce (10-ounce jar, $19.99). It’s a delight, but we might try and save the money by adding our own scotch to Happy Goat’s Vanilla Bean sauce (we can’t wait to make peaty, smoky Laphroig caramel sauce). If you’re not a scotch lover, substitute bourbon or rum.
    You can purchase both on the company’s website.


    Photo by Jaclyn Nussbaum | THE NIBBLE.


    Try dipping apple slices in the flavor of your choice. (Or why choose? Try both!)


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