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TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: Talenti Gelato & Sorbetto

Fruit ices are thousands of years old, dating back to ancient China.

But gelato, the first type of ice cream (see below for the difference between the two), is comparatively recent. It likely dates to Florence, Italy in the late 16th century.

Some culinary historians believe that a multi-talented genius named Bernardo Buontalenti created gelato. Buontalenti, who spent his life in the employ of the Medici family, was, among other things, the impresario of the fabulous Medici banquets.

While no historical record exists to credit Buontalenti with the invention, we can imagine the first time people tasted gelato at a huge Medici banquet.

And whatever the history, the happy result is that we have gelato today.

Talenti gelato is named after Buontalenti. We’ve had a great time tasting our way through the line, from the classic chocolate and vanilla to the subtle coconut to the sorbetti, which include an outstanding peach.

Cool off this summer with a few pints.


Talenti’s dense and delicious gelato, in pints
and quarts. Photo courtesy Talenti.


Talenti is available at fine food stores nationwide; there’s a store locator on the company website.

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