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PRODUCT: Barilla Piccolini Mini Pasta Is Great For Pasta Salad

A plate of mini wheels (rotelle)—smaller
than half a cherry tomato. Photo courtesy
Barilla. Here’s the recipe for this pasta salad.
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We recently tried Barilla Piccolini, a new miniature pasta line.

Piccolini is the Italian word for “little ones,” referring to small children. The miniature versions of five classic pasta shapes (about half the conventional size) are perfect for small mouths—and for large ones as well.

The smaller size cooks faster (in 7 minutes) and keeps the same al dente texture. Try Mini Farfalle (bow ties), Mini Fusilli (spindles), Mini Penne (quills), Mini Wheels (rotelle) and Mini Ziti (bridegrooms).*

We especially like the miniature pasta for pasta salads. The smaller pasta shape is more in proportion with the other ingredients, so one forkful is likely to include pasta plus bell peppers, capers or whatever you add to your pasta salad.


If you can’t find the miniature pasta locally, it’s available on

One cup of cooked pasta contains 200 calories and has 1g fat, 42g carbs and 7g protein.

*The shape doesn’t look like a bridegroom, but is traditionally served at Italian weddings, and is called “bride’s pasta.” Question for Barilla: Why are four of the five varieties labeled with their Italian names, but the rotelle are called Wheels (their English name)?


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