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TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: Edible Flowers

Have a bite of borage. The beautiful blossom tastes like cucumber. Photo by Karma Pema | IST.


Have you ever eaten a flower?

Mankind has been eating them for millennia in cultures worldwide. They just haven’t taken off yet in the modern United States, except in the hands of caterers and artisan bakers.

Beginning with our prehistoric ancestors foraging for food, the flower garden later became an extension of the vegetable garden, enabling cooks to add vibrancy to foods and beverages.

Edible flowers are the easiest way to add some wow factor to your recipes. Just pluck posies from their container (or snip them from your garden) and use them as a garnish. Your canapés, cocktails, salads and desserts will become memorable.

As with mushrooms, only certain varieties of flowers are edible. So if you decide to grow your own, you’ll want to buy a book on the topic—which will also have recipes for cooking with flowers.

And while many varieties are edible, they also need to be grown organically—without chemical pesticides.


Take a look at some of these bodacious blossoms. You can find them in farmers markets, specialty produce stores and online at

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