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RECIPE: Vietnamese Summer Rolls

What do you do on the first day of summer?

Make summer rolls!

In soft rice paper wrappers, Vietnamese summer rolls are light, crunchy and filled with healthful ingredients.

Called gòi cuðn (pronounced GUY kwun), summer rolls are often confused with spring rolls. The confusion starts at the restaurant level, where the listing on the menu can sometimes be mistranslated (summer rolls are called spring rolls, for example), and continues online with many misattributions of photos and recipes by individuals.

  • Check out this refreshing summer rolls recipe from New York City restaurant Haru and create your own variations—vegetarian or with your favorite meats and seafood.
  • You’ll also discover the differences between summer rolls, spring rolls and egg rolls.

    Summer rolls are not fried! Photo
    by Lauri Patterson | IST.



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