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Archive for June 16, 2011

TIP OF THE DAY: Save The Shrimp Shells

When you clean shrimp for a recipe, save and freeze the shells. They impart an intense shrimp flavor, and you can use them later to make another delicious dish.

  • Use them to make a simple stock and use it as a base for poaching fish, cooking rice, etc. (simmer the shells for 20 minutes with a bay leaf and 6 peppercorns).
  • Use the stock to flavor a shrimp/seafood risotto.
  • Use the stock to doctor a purchased seafood or fish stock.
  • Make a sauce from pan juices. After cooking fish or seafood, deglaze the pan with white wine and stock; finish with a tablespoon of butter and serve over the fish/seafood.
  • Simmer the shells in a pasta sauce for a big punch of flavor.
  • Add flavor to clam chowder and other fish/seafood soups and stews.
  • A friend tells us that her Golden Retriever loves to eat the shells.

    Shrimp shells can also lower your cholesterol levels.

    Give it a try!


    Save those shrimp shells! Photo by Leonardo
    Menezes | SXC.

    By the way, you can eat the shrimp shells. Some varieties have very thin shells, not unlike soft shell crabs. Many people don’t like to swallow the crunched-up shells, but they are nutritious. Our dad loved to crunch on them.

  • Shrimp buying tips.
  • Our favorite shrimp and seafood recipes.

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    FATHER’S DAY GIFT IDEA: Gourmet Gift Certificate

    No decisions required: Send Dad a gourmet
    gift certificate.


    It’s getting close!

    If you haven’t figured out what to get your favorite dad(s) for Father’s Day—or you don’t have time to run out and buy it—we have a delicious solution:

    A gift certificate to The Nibble Gourmet Market.

    We created our gourmet marketplace to make it easy to find our favorite foods, most of which have been NIBBLE Top Picks Of The Week (the rest are future Top Picks). So many readers write to ask what to give their girlfriends, grandmothers, kid’s teachers and so forth. The Nibble Gourmet Market makes it easy.

    And what makes it even easier is a gift certificate. It gets emailed as soon as as your order is processed, so if you can’t get around to it until Father’s Day, this Sunday, it will still arrive “on time.”


    Those who don’t get around to it can always send a belated gift certificate on Monday.

    A gift certificate also eliminates the decision making: Does Dad want our favorite whoopie pies, artisan salame, fresh-picked oysters or single malt chocolates, for example. Let him decide!

    Visit There’s a link for Gift Certificates at the top of the page.


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