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A bison burger stuffed with gorgonzola
cheese and sundried tomatoes. Photo
courtesy WMMB.


Planning a cookout for Memorial Day? Try bison burgers—a healthier alternative to beef. One burger has less fat than a skinless chicken breast.

Yet despite the low fat level, the taste is sumptuous. We’ve grown to prefer bison to beef.

Because bison has so little fat, it can’t be cooked to medium or well done. But lovers of medium rare will delight in the flavor.

For our Top Pick Of The Week, we tried bison burgers from Allen Brothers and High Plains Bison, two purveyors of premium meat. Don’t look for bargain-basement bison meat. As with beef, you get what you pay for.

  • Read the full review, including bison nutrition and cooking instructions.
  • If you don’t know the difference between bison and buffalo, here it is. Summary: The wooly-headed animal that roamed America’s plains and is today ranched for meat is bison, not buffalo.


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