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FOOD HOLIDAY: National Vanilla Pudding Day

Vanilla pudding with a bottom layer of banana cake. Photo by Dream79 | Fotolia.


Today is National Vanilla Pudding Day.

Would you believe that the creamy, sweet comfort food started out as a very different dish: a bland, white stew made with chicken or fish, plus sugar?

As far back as the 12th century, it was enjoyed by the wealthy at regular meals, and fed to them when they were under the weather.

In the 17th century, the original dish—which most likely would have few takers today—evolved into the dessert pudding we know and love.

Check out the history of vanilla pudding, along with a vanilla pudding recipe and a bunch of suggested garnishes.

The recipe can be varied to make butterscotch pudding and chocolate pudding, too.

For a special treat, fill tart shells with the pudding; garnish and enjoy a special dessert.

Happy National Vanilla Pudding Day!



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