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PRODUCT: Cupcake Vodka

For everyone who enjoys cupcakes at a party, there’s now an official cupcake drink: Cupcake Vodka.

The vodkas are made by Cupcake Vineyards of Monterey County, California, which produces 14 affordable wine varietals in addition to four premium vodka flavors.

The vodka flavors are Original (vanilla cupcake), Chiffon (lemon cupcake), Devil’s Food and Frosting. The 750 ml bottles retail for $17.99.

The vodkas are just rolling out to retailers. There are no online sales yet so we haven’t tasted them yet, but we’re working on it! Stay tuned for a full review.

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    Devil’s Food Cupcake Vodka, one of
    four flavors. Photo courtesy Cupcake Vineyards.



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