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TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: Teatulía Organic Tea Bags

Teatulia teas are organic, sustainably
packaged, and help their Bangladesh
community. Photo by River Soma |


Teatulía produces the best organic tea bags we’ve tried to date.

Why is the tea so flavorful?

The tea leaves are very fresh: There’s no middleman who buys and warehouses the tea, then sells it to marketers who package and brand it.

The brews are so strong that we’ve gotten three mug-sized infusions from each bag. Try that with most tea bags.

And the flavor is so rich that we enjoy each variety straight, without milk or sugar. Promise to at least take a sip of these delicious teas before adding in anything else.

Along with the selection of black, green, herbal and white teas, there are also several ayurvedic teas. These are blended with herbs that have been used to maintain health and cure disorders for more than 5,000 years.

Teatulía is an admirable employer, too. Read why—and learn more about these fine organic teas—in the full review.

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