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TIP OF THE DAY: Removing Orange Peel & Pith

Have trouble peeling oranges? Try thin-
skinned mandarins instead. Photo courtesy


We recently received a gift of delicious oranges from Harry & David. But boy, it wasn’t easy to remove the peel and the pith.

Then we remembered our Mom’s tip: Roll the orange on a hard surface, pressing down firmly.

We then scored the orange vertically (from top to bottom) into eight segments (first into quarters, then into eighths). We loosened the peel at the stem end and began to peel away.

It works!

If you don’t like to fuss with the peel, go for a mandarin instead of an orange. They’re a different species, and the thin skin is easy to peel with your fingers. Satsumas, clementines and tangerines are also readily available.

Mandarin hybrids have thicker skin but are also easy to peel: the tangor is a cross between the mandarin and the common orange; the tangelo (honeybell) is a cross between a tangerine and either a pomelo or a grapefruit.



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