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TIP OF THE DAY: Smarter Chips

Popcorn “chips”: Pop Corners from Medora
Foods. Photo by Katharine Pollak | THE


Today is National Chip & Dip Day. Before you reach for the potato chips and onion dip, here are some suggestions for healthier chipping and dipping.

  • Tortilla chips. Pick whole-grain tortilla chips. Salsa, the dip of choice, is low-calorie and healthy.
  • Popcorn chips. Pop Corners presses popcorn–a whole grain–into chip shapes.
  • Popped potato chips. Popchips are a real find. They aren’t fried or baked – they’re popped. Delicious and nongreasy, they’re a keeper.
  • Kettle Brand Chips. If you want a conventional potato chip, we love the Kettle Krinkle-Cut chips. Thick and very crunchy, they don’t break when dipping.

    Just about everyone loves crunchy snacks. The right chip is crunchy and good for you.

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