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TIP OF THE DAY: Spring Picnic Under The Blossoms (Hanami)

The annual Cherry Blossom Festival will be held in Washington, D.C. beginning this Saturday, March 26th through April 20th.

This is the trees’ 99th anniversary. In 1912, the Committee of Japanese Residents of New York donated two thousand Japanese Flowering Cherry trees to New York City. Most of them were planted in our nation’s capital as a symbol of friendship between the two countries.

Breathtaking white and pink flowers blossom for a month each spring. In Japan, people picnic and drink saké under the flowering trees—a practice known as hanami, which began in the eighth century.

If you have a cherry tree (or other flowering tree), lucky you! If not, you can grow your own (buy them from ArborDay.org). Of course, it will take some time before you can hold your own hanami under the blossoms.

Otherwise, seek out a flowering tree near you and plan ahead for a picnic (or just a snack). Get ready for the next warm day and prepare to enjoy the fresh air and the blossoms.


A beautiful grove of blossoming Japanese
cherry trees. Photo courtesy ArborDay.org.


By the way, the Japanese cherry tree bears no fruit. However, look forward to fresh cherries from June through August.

  • Learn more about the Cherry Blossom Festival at NationalCherryBlossomFestival.org.
  • All about cherries: history, facts and trivia. For example, each cherry tree produces about 7,000 cherries per season.

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