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TIP OF THE DAY: Drink Beer From A Globe Glass

Historically, different beers have been drunk from differently-shaped glasses. For example, Germans created the tall pilsner and the handled stein. The British prefer the pint glass. Belgians favor a globe glass.

It turns out that the Belgian glass may be the best for enhancing the flavor of beer.

  • The globe shape captures and directs the beer’s aromas toward your nose.
  • The tapered opening harnesses the foam and enhances the beer’s bouquet.
  • The stem keeps your hand from warming the beer.
  • Like a Champagne glass, a good globe beer glass has etched lines at the bottom of the bowl that help to create a continuous stream of bubbles.

    Wine glass expert Riedel—which makes a different-shaped glass to enhance the unique qualities of each type of wine—sells a modified globe glass for beer.

    If you’re in the market for new drinking glasses, check out the globes.

    See the different types of beer glasses.


    The Belgian “globe” glass may deliver the
    tastiest beer. This glass is from Spielgau.



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