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TIP OF THE DAY & RECIPE: Corned Beef Hash

Not your mother’s corned beef hash.
Photo courtesy Delmonico’s Steakhouse & Restaurant.


When life gives you corned beef, make corned beef hash. If you’ve got leftover corned beef from St. Patrick’s Day, you can make this delicious gourmet corned beef hash recipe for brunch this weekend.

Hash is a mixture of foods cut into small pieces. Corned beef is typically mixed with chopped onions and diced potatoes. The addition of grated beets creates “red flannel hash.”

Corned beef hash is most often served with fried or poached eggs—it’s nice to mingle soft yolk with the hash—and toast. Some restaurants add hash browns or home fried potatoes.

But we’ve got something special for you: Corned Beef Hash Eggs Benedict. Created by Chef William Oliva of Delmonico’s Steakhouse Restaurant in New York City (the birthplace of Eggs Benedict), this version will dazzle.

If the recipe is too fancy for you, simply turn the leftover corned beef into a conventional hash for breakfast, or use it to make stuffed peppers for dinner.

Leftover pork, poultry, roast beef and veal can also be “hashed,” as can tofu.



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