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Save the rainforest, save the world.

This adaptation of a catchphrase from the first season of “Heroes” floated through our head as we enjoyed cup after cup of delicious and refreshing guayusa.

What is guayusa (why-YOU-suh)?

It’s a perkier cousin of yerba maté, a tea brewed from South American holly leaves. Maté and guayusa come from different species of the holly bush. They have similar benefits—including caffeine alertness without the jitters. But the taste is as different as black tea and green tea.*

*Conventional tea, made from the Camellia sinensis plant, is totally unrelated to holly-based teas.

So how does this save the world?

Guayusa is farmed on the ancestral lands of the indigenous Kichwa people in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador. Your purchase provides an economic incentive for farmers to keep the rainforest intact.


Guayusa tea: crisp, refreshing, healthy,
caffeined and no jitters. Photo by
Leah Hansen | THE NIBBLE.


So save the rainforest, save the world and energize with a terrific cup of tea in the process.

Guayusa is certified organic, Fair Trade Certified and certified kosher.

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