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TIP OF THE: Easy Valentine Cake

You don’t need the time or rose-piping skills to make a special cake for Valentine’s Day.

Start with a plain iced cake from your favorite bakery, and add your own touches.

First, remove any plastic rose or other mundane decoration that may come with the cake. Then, depending on what treats your sweetie or family prefer, consider:

  • Crushed red and white peppermints
  • Red, pink and white Jelly Belly jelly beans mix, M&Ms mix, gum drops
  • Small chocolate hearts or white chocolate hearts
  • Fresh raspberries or whole or sliced strawberries
  • Small strawberries half-dipped in melted chocolate
  • Rose petals (wash to remove pesticides or buy organic flowers)
  • Anything that appeals to you in the candy store

    Buy an iced chocolate cake—a round
    cake is just fine—and top with chocolate
    truffles and/or malted milk balls. Photo
    courtesy, which has lots of cake ideas.

    Consider edging the top rim of the cake with one type of garnish and placing a large item in the center: a larger chocolate or chocolate marshmallow heart, an entire blossom or a trio of large strawberries, for example.

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