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VALENTINE’S DAY: How To Make A Heart With Latte Art

Your latte may arrive with a design in the foam known as latte art.

Originating in Italy, latte art first appeared in America’s coffee capital, Seattle, around 1989. The creative flourish was pioneered by Espresso Vivace coffee bar owner David Schomer.

The heart pattern became a signature at Schomer’s coffee bar. He then added the rosetta pattern, and shared his knowledge by teaching a course, “Caffe Latte Art.”

You can be a creative barista at home. Ideally, you need to create a pitcher of microfoam made with the steam wand of an espresso machine. If you have a separate foaming device, give it a try.

Barista Jessica Kelly demonstrates how to:

Make a foam heart for your Valentine.
Photo by Vinicio Capossela | SXC.

More about latte art.Don’t know a latte from a cappuccino? Master your coffee drinks in our Coffee Glossary and Espresso Glossary.


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