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TIP OF THE DAY: Better Super Bowl Food

Turkey chili saves calories and fat.
Get the recipe from McCormick.


As you’re watching the Steelers face the Packers on Super Bowl Sunday, will you be feasting on the “standard” artery-clogging, fat-building, colon-wrenching fare?

The choice is yours, but you can feast just as well on better-for-you food with the same amount of prep time. And no one will notice the difference.

We have suggestions from Carl Germano, RD, CDN, a Board-certified clinical nutritionist and the Chief Science Officer of Inergetics, makers of SURGEX, a muscle- and power-generating shake. As someone who spends his days focusing on nutrition, Germano recommends these switches.

Standard: Beef Sliders with Cheese
Smarter: Turkey Sliders with sliced tomato

Standard: Franks in Blankets
Smarter: Chicken Teriyaki Skewers

Standard: Nachos with Cheese & Jalapeños
Smarter: Baked Nachos with Guacamole, Tomatoes and Jalapeños

Standard: Fried Cheese Bread Sticks
Smarter: Sourdough Bread Bowl with Low Fat Spinach Dip (use nonfat Greek yogurt) and Crudités (raw vegetables)

Standard: French Fries, Onion Rings
Smarter: Baked Potato Skins with Tomato/Basil Bruschetta

Standard: Beef Chili with Shredded Cheese and Sour Cream
Smarter: Low Fat Turkey Chili with Black Beans, Corn & Salsa and Nonfat Greek Yogurt

Standard: Fried Buffalo Wings with Ranch Dip
Smarter: Baked Chicken Wings with Hot Sauce Dip

Standard: Regular Pizza with Pepperoni
Smarter: Whole Wheat Margarita Pizza

Standard: Chips
Smarter: Air Popped Popcorn, Whole Wheat Pretzels or Oat Pretzels

Standard: Cookie & Brownie Platter
Smarter: Fresh Fruit Platter

Standard: Beer, Soda, Juice
Smarter: Light Beer, Diet Soda, Flavored Seltzer, Mineral Water

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