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TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: Agave Nectar (Agave Syrup)

Any nutritionally-aware person realizes that sugar tastes great but simply is not good for you.

How about a natural sugar alternative that tastes great and is good for you?

That’s agave nectar (also called agave syrup), made from the juices of the same plant that produces tequila: the blue agave. In the bottle, it looks like honey or maple syrup.

Light agave nectar is a neutral sweetener, though some brands can taste like very light honey. Agave dissolves instantly in cold or hot beverages, and is used to sweeten lighter-flavor foods (like fruit salad).

Dark agave nectar has caramel flavors, and is used in recipes and as a substitute for maple syrup or honey on pancakes, bread and other foods.

The best part is that agave is a low-glycemic food. It has half the glycemic index of honey, maple syrup and table sugar; and it’s 25% to 50% sweeter, so you need much less of it.

Agave is a real find. Make it your “find of the year.”

The blue agave plant produces a sweetener
that looks like honey, but is lighter, easily
pourable, not as sticky and has half the
glycemic index (it’s better for you!). Photo by
Cristian Lazzari | IST.

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