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TIP OF THE DAY: OXO Salad Spinner

Stop using paper towels to dry off your salad greens.

You not only use an unreasonable amount of paper towels (non-green greens, as it were); but you also unnecessarily crush delicate greens such as basil and mint.

Instead, use the OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner to dry your lettuce and herbs.

What separates the OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner from its competitors is the ease and versatility of use.

  • The OXO Salad Spinner uses a pump style method for spinning the basket rather than a crank or rope.
  • This means you can operate the spinner with only one hand by simply pushing down on the pump.


Dry your salad without wasting paper towels.
Photo courtesy OXO Good Grips.

  • There is also a non-slip ring on the bowl to make sure it stays put while you’re drying your salad leaves.


The 6-quart bowl is deep, so you can toss your unwashed greens into it and fill it with cold water. This lets any sediment sink to the bottom while your salad floats to the top.

Then when you’re ready to spin, simply slowly lift the basket out of the water, pour out any dirt and spin. If you’re in a bind, the large bowl also acts as a serving vessel. You can dress the salad and put the entire bowl out for display.

Last year, another brand of salad spinner won a major industry award. We rushed to buy it. Alas, the pull-cord broke within eight weeks.

Our OXO gets the thumbs up!

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