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TIP OF THE DAY: Substitution For Cheesecloth

As the name implies, cheesecloth is a fabric used in cheese production.

Layers of cheesecloth are used to wrap cheeses like Cheddar: The small holes in the cloth allow the cheese to breathe without drying out. Cheesecloth is also used to press and drain the curds of soft cheeses.

While you may not be in the cheese-making business, some recipes require cheesecloth (also spelled cheese cloth) to make a bouquet garni (an aromatic bundle of herbs), as a straining cloth to clarify stocks and soups, and to triple-strain and press Greek-style yogurt.

If you don’t have cheesecloth and you’re in a bind, simply use a coffee filter or two to make a bouquet garni or clarify your soup.


If you can’t find cheesecloth locally, it’s
available online.

For a bouquet garni, tie up your herbs with string or butcher’s twine (available at supermarkets or any butcher) in a coffee filter and toss it in your soup, stock or sauce. For clarifying, set the filter in the mouth of a large jar and ladle in your soup or stock. Use your non-ladle hand to hold the filter as you pour in the soup.

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