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GIFT OF THE DAY: Sam Adams Infinium Sparkling Ale

Infinium is a most glam beer gift. Photo
courtesy Boston Brewing Company.

A Wakefield Research survey shows that more than 60% of men would prefer to toast the New Year with beer rather than Champagne. Enter Sam Adams’ new Infinium ale.

The handsome, engraved bottle looks like Champagne; but it’s a special sparkling ale from Boston Brewing Company, makers of Sam Adams beers. It’s been created in partnership with Weihenstephan Brewery of Bavaria, Germany, the oldest surviving brewery in the world (since 760 C.E.).

And it’s made with the thousand-year-old brewing technique called Reinheitsgebot (“The German Beer Purity Law”), which requires that beer be made with only malt, hops, water and yeast.

Pop the cork and you’ll find a deep golden, full-bodied ale. Fruity on the nose, Infinium is mellow, round and malty on the palate. The ale has fine bubbles, which have led to the company calling Infinium a “Champagne-like beer.”

A special treat for beer lovers, Infinium contains 10.3% alcohol by volume, twice the amount of an average beer. A 750 ml bottle has a Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price of $19.99.

Infinium is available at retailers nationwide. You’ll thrill the beer drinkers at your party by pouring it to toast Christmas and the New Year.

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