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GIFT OF THE DAY: The Best Toffee, Regular & Sugar-Free

Our vote for World’s Best Toffee. Photo

We taste lots of toffee each year, but have never found one we like as much as Enstrom’s.

It’s a very buttery toffee; and that rich, buttery flavor combined with excellent chocolate and nuts makes the product stand out.

There’s so much butter that the company recommends refrigerating the toffee (but don’t worry, it’s even delicious right from the freezer).

  • The company also makes a sugar-free toffee that is almost indistinguishable from the full-sugar version (and to compensate for all the butter, we’ve come to prefer it)
  • Toffee popcorn—loaded with real toffee, not caramel syrup—is also made in a sugar-free version
  • Enstrom’s peppermint bark is another “best we’ve ever had” (no sugar free, alas) 
And, the line is certified kosher!

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