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GIFT OF THE DAY: Truffle Cheese & More

It’s the fresh truffle season. Alas, few of us can afford fresh truffles—$220/ounce for the Italian white Alba truffle (Tuber magnatum pico) and about half that for the French black Périgord truffle (Tuber melanosporum).

One way we enjoy truffles in a more affordable form is through truffle cheese and truffle honey, which incorporate small pieces of truffle that have broken off from the fab fungi. They smell and taste as wonderful as the whole truffle.

Murray’s Cheese has put together a truffle lover’s gift set that includes:

  • Cypress Grove Chevre’s Truffle Tremor, one of our favorite cheeses and a NIBBLE Top Pick Of The Week
  • Creminelli Brothers’ tartufo (truffle) salame,* another NIBBLE Top Pick
  • Delectable white truffle honey from truffle specialist Da Rosario, a Top Pick contender.
  • * “Salame” is how Italians spell it. “Salami” is an American adaptation.


    Three ways to enjoy truffles. Photo

    The three luxurious truffle foods are handsomely packaged in a reusable wood crate for $70 at If truffles and goat cheese aren’t what you had in mind, Murray’s has a build-your-own-gift-crate.

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